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300 ml
The heartless one
Like in the glamours old days, I have created a limited edition Magnum flacon with a stunning 300 ml of some of my classic perfumes in my range. Please indulge yourself with this masterpiece.

The interpretation of the nordic elements fused with PINK champagne is the foundation of this perfume.

The fragrance is almost mineralic, in that it goes from the topnotes directly to the basenotes.

TOPNOTES :: Elderflower — Abricot — Black Orchid — PINK MOLéCULEs

HEART NOTES :: Ripped out!

BASENOTES :: Mahogany — Cream Accord — Black Wood Accord

PINK MOLéCULE is a feminine perfume.
  • Elderflower
  • Mahogany
  • Pink champagne
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