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What is a molecule?
Molecule perfumes are perfumes where one or few "aroma molecules" acts as an essential part of the ingredients. Overall, aroma molecules are synthetic developed and manufactured fragrances that are used in almost any perfume you can find in the market (e.g. 5-20% of the ingredients of the perfume). They are normally used as a "booster" for the remaining fragrance ingredients.


What distinguish molecule perfumes (like Zarkoperfumes) from other perfumes on the market, is that they instead use aroma molecules as an essential cornerstone of the fragrance in the perfume (e.g. 40-80% of the ingredients). Experimenting with molecule perfumes makes higher demands on the perfumers ability to proper build the fragrance, but also offers significant advantages due to the properties of the aroma molecules. Let me explain.

A popular ingredient in perfumes are "natural oils" - they consists of a mix of hundreds or thousands of difference molecules. Not all of these molecules contributes to the aroma that's desired in the perfume, but are a natural part of the oil. This mix of "undesired/unimportant" molecules in the oil creates noise and limits, to some extent, the perfumers ability to customize the perfume.

On the other hand, molecule aromas are "stand-alone molecules" that offers an attractive fragrance, like natural ingredients, but without the noise of undesired molecules. Using molecule aromas yields multiple advantages (If the right capabilities of the perfumer are in place):

You are able to build perfumes molecule-by-molecule. Molecule aromas broadens the spectrum of opportunities for the perfumer and enables him/her to build a perfectly customized perfume.
Molecule perfumes has a reduced number of undesired/non-important molecules. Hence, the perfume is more "clean" and "light weighted" when applied, while triggering the olfactory memory to a larger extend than other perfumes.


Molecule perfumes reduces the risks of allergic reactions while increasing sustainability. Because its synthetic developed, it's also tested much more frequently than naturals. Furthermore, it limits the harvest of scarce and illegal-to-harvest natural ingredients that has been key elements in perfumes for many years (e.g. deer musk)
All ZARKOPERFUMES creations are not tested on animals and do not contains animals byproducts they are vegan friendly and no E – numbers are added to them - and no self prolonging additives are added.